The Liposuction surgery is a technique to remove the fat from specific areas of the body, such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, arms. Liposuction also shapes contours in these areas. The other names for liposuction involve lipoplasty and body contourin.

Liposuction isn’t typically considered an overall weight-loss alternative. The Liposuction a process helps to remove fat from areas of the body that haven’t responded to diet and exercise, such as the abdomen, upper arms buttocks, calves and ankles, chest and back, hips and thighs and chin and neck.


Arm Liposuction is a kind of cosmetic surgery to remove excess fat from under the skin of the upper arm to obtain shapely arms. Arm liposuction is generally done for cosmetic reasons and it is used to treat a condition called lymphedema. In this lymphedema fluid, the lymph accumulates in the arm leading to swelling. Lymph normally drains into lymph nodes and the arm may occur following the removal of lymph nodes during breast cancer.

Arm Liposuction
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Arm Liposuction has several types of procedure involves:

  1. Suction-assisted liposuction:
    In suction-assisted liposuction which is done using the traditional suction method.
  2. Power-assisted liposuction
    In power-assisted liposuction and it uses an external power source to drive the cannula.
  3. Vibro-assisted liposuction:
    In Vibro-assisted liposuction, where complex movements of the tip are brought about by air pressure.
  4. Ultrasound-assisted liposuction:
    In this technique, it uses ultrasound energy.
  5. Vaser-assisted liposuction
    It also uses ultrasound energy, but utilizes less energy and uses solid probes.
  6. Laser-assisted liposuction:
    This liposuction technique uses laser..


When performing the liposuction of the arms, we have fewer choices about where to make a small incision and this decision based on where the fat in your arms is most distributed. Mainly, an incision can be made near the arm pit. In another case, we can use an incision that is quite small, and often fades away within a year. We use a thin tube called a “cannula” which helps to remove the fat from your arms while performing the arm liposuction, our surgeons do not just remove fat and they do it in a way that shapes the upper arms to give a lean, toned, and balanced.


  1. It doesn’t look for overall weight loss.
  2. They have tried diet and exercise, but are unable to lose fatty areas on the arms.
  3. This is in overall good health.
  4. They have some elasticity in their skin.
  5. They don’t have loose arm skin as their primary cosmetic concern.


  1. Lymphedema:
    A chronic and a long-term, condition in which the excess fluid is called as lymph collects in tissues and causes swelling. The edema can occur in the arms. Liposuction is used to reduce swelling, discomfort, and pain.
  2. Gynecomastia:
    The fat accumulates under a man’s breasts.
  3. Lipodystrophy syndrome:
    The Fat accumulates in one part of the body and is lost and the liposuction will improve the patient’s appearance by providing a more natural look to the body fat.
  4. Extreme weight loss after obesity:
    The person with morbid obesity who loses at least 40 percent of their BMI it needs treatment to removing the excess skin and other abnormalities.
  5. Lipomas:
    Lipomas are benign, fatty tumors.


The recovery from arm liposuction is done in a secure center which is a more minimally invasive, gentle manner, than the liposuction techniques of the past decades and it allows for less swelling, less bruising, and quicker recovery. In most of the cases, the arm liposuction patients usually go home after their procedure but they should avoid significant physical exertion like jogging and lifting heavy objects.

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