Hello Friends today we will be discussing on medical management of Gynaecomastia. I am Dr Ankit Gupta, Plastic and reconstructive surgeon who specialises in Gyno treatments.

Since many of the patients come and ask me about this issue, I wish to answer this. Till date there is NO MEDICAL MANAGEMENT for Gynaecomastia if it has been more than 6 months old.

We need to understand that Gynaecomastia means breast being developed in males. No medicine developed so far can remove breast in females and so no medicine is there to do so in males.

Tamoxifen- people try this for gland reduction. you can google it and it is a medicine prescribed for breast cancer treatment after surgery so that new cancer cells don’t grow. it has its own significant side effects which are permissible in case of cancer, but not for gyno. Please don’t take that.

Endocrine treatments– people take anti estrogen tablets, but one needs to understand that it will help only if your oestrogen levels are high. in cases of Gynaecomazia, 99.9% patients have normal oestrogen and testosterone.

Homeopathy treatments- though I am not a homeopathy doctor, but I have treated many who went through this path for more than a year with no relief.

One need to understand that Gynaecomastia is a breast gland which develops in a male. we remove it simply by liposuction and gland excision. its that simple a concept to understand. we understand that people have anxiety towards surgery and wish to try medical means first, but I would recommend you to try only if its less than 6 months old. because once the gland has developed, no medicine works.

Prevention is possible by not taking steroids and testosterone injections given by gym instructors.

Many a times its plain fat and no gland which can be cured by simple dieting and exercise also.

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Thank you.

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