Abdomen / Torso

An ideal waist is a desire of every human being. We will make sure to give you what you wanted for ages in hours. We can no reshape your waist using non invasive devices, Liposuction, fat transfer or surgery (abdominoplasty).

Our plastic surgeon is well trained in all these modalities and will make sure that your concerned areas are given priority.

LiposuctionIf you have stubborn fat around your waist, arms, legs, thighs, chin or chest, we can get rid of it using the simple but very effective technique of liposuction. We also provide facilities for VASER liposuction, Power assisted liposuction or suction assisted liposuction.

Six Pack Abs– now you can have a full six pack within three hours. With our plastic surgeon’s help and advanced technology, it is now possible to get a 6 packs with going through the hard work of infinite hours at gym.

Female abs even females now go for the light six pack which shows how much they are working out in the gym. If you are one of them, we can help you achieve that too.

Abdominoplasty– have lower abdominal bulge. Have already tried to loose weight but cant get the tone back of the abdominal muscles. Have had a baby, but made you lax, we have a solution to all this – Abdominoplasty. With the expertise of our plastic surgeon now you can get rid of these problems by a mini abdominoplasty or a bikini scar abdominoplasty.

360 liposuction  we can remove fat from all around your waist and chest. We can also suck out this extra fat from your arms and thighs. We can combine different areas and liposuck the fat from all around the body to give you an aesthetically appealing figure. To get into your loved clothes and swim wear try our 360 lipo.

Umbilicus we can move the umbilicus for you, make a new umbilicus, and also treat umbilical polyps. We treat umbilical abscess and umbilical granulomas.

Stretch Marks- we can help you lighten the streatmarks on your body made due to pregnancy or earlier weight issues. We use lasers, microneediling and radiofrequency tightening for the same.

Lax abdomen treatment using various modalities like radiofrequency tightening, lasers, and surgery, we can tighten you abdomen to give you a well shaped smooth and tight abdomen.

Reverse Abdominoplasty

Mommy Make over see our body overall page for details

Hour Glass Shape.– with liposuction combined with the technique of fat transfer to your buttocks, we can give you a kim Kardashian figure. For details please go through the individual sections.