Anti Wrinkle Injections

Related to – Forehead, eyebrow, frown lines, bunny lines, crows feet, peri-orbital fine lines, perioral lines, smile, chin, neck.
Cost- Starting at 15,000
Time-  30 minutes
Down time- 1 hr
Availability- At Pitampura and Saket(Delhi) centre
To book appointment- 8448847776 Brief description -Enjoy the most popular treatment in cosmetic clinic from our trained plastic surgeon. Be it forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, naso labial lines or marionette lines; we take care of them all with the botulinum protein. We will reduce the ageing lines of your face to give you a much younger appearance but not too much to give you a porciline look. Now with advanced training it is possible to get your eyebrow lifted and a much fresh look in just 2 minutes with botulinum protein. Get an upturned smile and change your sad face to a happy one with this protein. Look like the Egyptian princess Nefertiti with botulinum neck lift of Nefertiti lift.
You feel you have a sad face; we can modify it to a slightly happier look with turning your smile up, lifting your brows, removing your tension lines from forehead and face.
Want a specific type of eye-brow; we can reshape it using this protein alone, or in combination with micro-blading.