Arms & Hands

Liposuction– In case you want to remove the stubborn fat from under your arms, we can use the vacuum assisted liposuction, power assisted liposuction or VASER liposuction to suck out that fat.

Brachiplasty– If you also have loose skin in your arms, we can tailor tuck it in as minimum scar as possible to give a good shape to your arms. You will be able to remove the ugly looking apron of skin with a matter of hours.

Armpit hair removal– Can’t wear your favourite sleeveless- come to our centre where our doctors will use LASER to remove the arm pit hair permanently and give you a new look.

Axillary breast treatment– bulge in arm pits could be because of fat accumulation or more commonly a congenital anomaly called axillary breast. Consult our plastic surgeon for the further guidance and for removal of this unsightly bulge from near your axilla.

Hand rejuvenation– your hands might look older than your age or may reveal your facts. Be assured that in Panache we can fill those wrinkles up for you.

Nail treatment– in growing toe nail, fungal nail infection or split nail, we can correct these conditions at Panache. Very few surgeons are trained in operating the split nails or making bad looking nails better. We also do nail transplant from toe to hand.

Excessive sweating treatment– we have here a variety of treatments for sweating control from medicines to lasers to injections to surgeries. Book a consultation for details.

Tendon related problems– From De quervain tenosynovitis to tendon injuries to tendon transfer. Our plastic surgeon has vast experience of treating them.

Nerve related problems– from carpel tunnel syndrome to various nerve transfers to nerve repairs under magnification; we do it all. Our microsurgeon Dr Ankit is an expert in nerve related diseases.

Carpel tunnel syndrome– we offer wide variety of treatment options in carpel tunnel release from minimally invasive method to surgical release to debulking to exercise and medical management of the syndrome. Book an appointment for details.