AV Fistula or Arteriovenous Fistula

If you are suffering from CRF/ CKD ie chronic renal failure or chronic kidney disease and you are on regular dialysis, you might need to get a AV Fistula or Arteriovenous Fistula created for getting dialysis done.

What is a AV Fistula or Fistula for dialysis?

It is a surgically created connection between your vein and artery so that the flow in your vein is increased which helps to get good flow during dialysis.

Who Makes AV Fistula?

It is made by surgeons especially Plastic surgeons who can work under magnification to make such connections. Many vascular surgeons also are creating fistulas.

Where is Arteriovenous Fistula made?

It is preferably made on your non dominant forearm. it is made as distal as possible. the site depends on the quality of vein and artery one has which needs examination by the surgeon or a topple study.

How long does the AV Fistula Process take?

30 mins to 90 mins

Anaesthesia for av fistula?

It is done under local anaesthesia

Where can I get a fistula for dialysis in Delhi?

In Delhi, you can contact us at 8448847776. Dr Ankit Gupta is a well known Plastic and reconstructive surgeon who has experience of making more than 100 fistulas.

When can I get dialysis done?

One day before surgery, and then the next day is safe. it takes 21 days for fistula to mature, and then this can be used to get dialysis done.

When can I go back home after fistula ?

You can leave after 1 hr observation.

What post operative care do I need to take?

Take medications as advised by Dr Ankit. Dont wear anything tight, exercise from the next day as advised, and review in case of swelling or bleed.

45 to 90 mins
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