Body – Overall

Have the body you always dreamed of!!

Mommy make over- combination of various procedures needed post pregnancy. Treatment depends on the areas involved. Main areas of concern are lax abdominal wall tightening, abdominoplasty to get rid of the stretch marks and the lax skin of lower 1/3rd of abdomen. If breasts are droopy, it involves lifting breast to normal position. In short, to gain back the shape you had before pregnancy, book a consultation with our team consisting of Plastic and cosmetic surgeon Dr Ankit Gupta, Aesthetic specialist Dr Rajni Gupta and Physician Dr O P Gupta.  

Pectoral with six packs– Dream that every male has but very few can achieve even with a lot of hard work at Gym. But now, it is possible to bring out those carved abs that were hidden under your resistant fat pad. At Panache we can remove those pockets of fat to bring out the beautiful 6 packs that you always dreamt of. Our team headed by Dr Ankit Gupta specialize in this skilful surgery using minimally invasive liposuction with or without VASER.

Full body hair removal– Be always ready!!

360 degree liposuction– fat is not there only on belly or only on your arms or thighs. Fat is deposited 360 degree and we believe that to get a beautiful you, we should remove fat from all these areas simultaneously. Welcome to Panache where our plastic surgeon will remove adequate amounts of fat from the undesired areas and fill it in areas that need it!!

Post bariatric body contouring – To remove the loosened skin after massive weight loss, contact Panache aesthetics – Dr Ankit Gupta at 8448847776

Stretch marks treatment- Pregnancy or weight gain could tear apart the tough dermis beneath your superficial skin to give you condition called stretch marks. We treat stretch marks using multimodality approach including LASERS. Starting from preventing it during your pregnancy to treating it using various creams, peels lasers and surgeries we offer a wide variety of expertise on this topic.