Breast Enlargement

Breasts have always been considered a symbol of womanhood, but not everyone is as well endowed by nature as they would wish to be! If you are one of them, suffer no more, and get in touch with our team to understand the best suited breast enlargement  option for you.

Breast Enlargement is a surgery that is carried out to increase or restore the size and shape of the breasts.


You are an eligible candidate for breast enlargement surgery if:

  1. You wish for bigger breasts
  2. You feel the breasts are asymmetrical
  3. Loss in size and shape of breasts post pregnancy or weight loss

Breast Augmentation is carried out via:

  1. Silicon Implants
  2. Saline Implants
  3. Fat Grafts

You will be guided by our experienced team regarding the best option suited to your needs!

In case required, we even offer Breast Lift surgeries, to help elevate the sagging breasts and improve your overall figure.

Frequently asked questions

Q- Doctor I want my breast size to be increased without surgery. Do you offer anything for that?

A- Sorry but breast size cannot be enlarged without surgery. as per my knowledge there is no approved treatment for the same in any branches of medicine. No medicines or massage can help. Weight gain can help.


Q- Options that I have for size enlargement?

A- Options are – Silicon gel implants and fat grafting- if you don’t have ptosis or excessive sagging of breast. For excessive sagging with deflation – breast lift ( Mastopexy) with auto augmentation or implant is possible.


Q- I don’t have sagging and I want them to increase slightly- options?

A- I would recommend you go with Fat transfer to breast which gives a moderate increase in size and is natural without any foreign body. in case you don’t have fat in body then you can go for implants too. implants come in various sizes and shapes and we will help you choose the right size for you.


Q- I don’t have sagging but I want high profile or significant increase – options?

A-  I would recommend you go with silicone gel implants or you can opt for multiple sittings of fat grating. usually 2-3 sittings.


Q- how long will my implant last?

A- As per current data implants are safe for at least 10-12 yrs and with the newer ones coming their life has increased significantly. in case. there are reports of ALCL developing with textured implants which we do not use to avoid such risks. you should discuss the possible risk before the surgery with our plastic surgeon.


Q- If I want the implant to be removed, is it possible?

A- Yes it is possible with a minor surgery which takes around half an hour.


Q- Marks of surgery?

A- If fat grafting is done, we inject fat via very minute holes which are almost invisible after 2 weeks. If implant is inserted, we give a 4-5 cm cut in the hidden areas like armpit or Inframammary fold or at junction of areola and skin which lighten over the next 4-6 weeks.

Breast implant video