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Panache Breasts

With us you can choose to make them the way you want them!! We can augment breasts, can elevate them, reduce them or even remake them, using various techniques, such as Fat Transfer, Implants, or Reconstructive Surgery. Book an appointment with our Plastic Surgeon for a detailed discussion on your individual needs and solutions.

Breast enhancement – Our team of Doctors headed by Dr. Ankit Gupta (Plastic Surgeon) who would help you achieve your desired size using either non-surgical lipo-filling treatment, or using Implants. We make sure that the end result is pleasing and according to your desires. At panache you are under direct supervision of a plastic surgeon and his team is there to help you 24 x 7. 

In case required our surgeon also specializes in breast lift surgery which can not only increase the forward projection but also lift the ptotic breast to an aesthetically appealing position.

We offer different range of surgeries according to your condition and desires. 

  1. Non surgical enhancement of breast using your own fat 
  2. Surgical enhancement using silicon breast implants
  3. Non surgical enhancement using BRAVA
  4. Surgical augmentation along with ptosis correction i.e. breast lift.


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