Cheeks / Face

Dimple creation- Dimples are considered a sign of beauty. It may be there on your face since birth, but if it is not and you want it, we can help you. Our plastic surgeon Dr Ankit Gupta specializes in Dimple creation and has acquired this skill diecrtly from Plastic surgeon in London Harley street, Dr Shailesh Vadadaria. For any information and query, call us or book an appointment with our plastic surgeon to get what you carved for all this years.

Beauty Spot creation- Moles or til can be very pleasing provided they are at the correct spot on your face. If you want to set a beauty spot on your chin or somewhere specific on your face…. Dr Ankit Gupta can do it for you.

Cheek bone enhancement- Malar enhancement or cheek bone enhancement can convert the face into a youthful face. Also known as the concept of inverted triangle of youth, malar prominence can be achieved with fillers, fat injections or cheek or malar implants.

Buccal fat pad removal-Chubby cheeks, weight on face, round face…. If these things bother you, we have a solution in form of buccal fat pad removal. It can be done as a minor procedure in the day care settings in an hour time through the intra-oral incision.

Face lift-Hanging skin and ageing face can be lifted with various options by our expert. From simple tread lift to complex face lifts, we can give you a myriad of options to choose from. We can cater people from all age groups and make them look much younger than their age. For specific treatments you can also see our page on face or make a consultation with our expert.

Beard reshaping- Please see our page on hair in our website or please feel free to contact us and book a consultation

Acne and acne scar treatment– book consultation

Melasma treatment-book consultation