Chemical Peels

Related to – party peel, facial rejuvenation, skin whitening, acne treatment, scar treatment, melasma, sun damage, photo damage, blemishes, mild wrinkles
Cost- 3000 per sitting onwards
Time-  30 minutes
Down time- 2-3 hrs to 1 week depending on depth
Availability- At Pitampura and Saket(Delhi) centre
To book appointment- 8448847776 Brief description – chemical peel can be used for variety of conditions, depending on the type of peel. The milder versions remove the superficial layer to give you a fresh looking face due to removal of the superficial dead layer. Often this treatment is done before a party and thus known as party peels. It can be combined with various other theory such as medical facials and Prp therapy to enhance each others results.
Combination peels are the speciality of dr ankit gupta where he would combine different peels to give your skin the best possible results.
Deeper peels are used to treat scared faces and for deeper pigmentation treatment.
Our specialist would analyse your skin and give you a plan which would help you get a great skin as soon as possible.