Chest – Male

An ideal chest for a male varies with ones perception of beauty. We will listen to your needs and plan your treatment according to the shape you desire. We do Laser hair removal, male boob reductions, pec creation, post bariatric surgeries and scar treatments over the chest. Feel free to book a consultation with our Plastic surgeon Dr Ankit Gupta for further enquiries.

Man Boobs Treatment – Gynaecomastia or male boobs are an embarrassment to any male. It can lead to psychological issues and social isolation. We will help you to find the cause of this problem and will then give you a flat chest with well-defined pectorals. If it is only because of  fat accumulation, liposuction alone is sufficient treatment. But if you have fat and gland, you will need liposuction plus excision. Our doctor specializes in treating gynaecomastia and has taken special training for it from London Harley street

Pectoral shapingIf you wish for a great pec major, but you have fat covering your pecs, we can make it for you in a matter of hours. Redistribution of fat to get you the shape you had wanted for ages in now a reality. We can combine it with male boob reduction surgery and give you a well-defined and chiselled chest.

Hair removalMale chest hair removal is an option here at our centre and you can now get a permanent hair reduction using our laser for hair removal. For details on hair removal, please refer to our section on hair – hair removal, or call us to enquire.

Keloid treatment/ chest swelling or lumpChest, ear and shoulders are the most common areas where one can develop keloid or hypertrophied scars. We treat it using various modalities like injections, surgical removal and laser therapy.

Post Bariatric body contouringIn case you have lost weight and have lax droopy skin, don’t worry. We at panache will make sure to tailor tuck all the loose skin that hangs and make it tight using VASER and lipo plus excision techniques. Our plastic surgeon will decide whats best for your body and advise you accordingly.