Chin & Neck

Chin can make your face round, oval or triangular. Proportions of face if maintained can make a huge difference in your appearance. We can augment/ change the shape of your chin to a more aesthetically appealing one. Chin elongation as well as chin reduction is possible at our centre.

If you want quick fix to your problem of small chin, we can give you a longer and more projected better looking chin within minutes according to your face shape.

In case due to accumulation of fat in your neck or below chin, you have a turkey neck or double chin, we can help you remove it with simple injections or liposuction.

Get your neck youthful again with the nafatiti neck lift. We also specialize in neck fat reduction to give you a thinner and much better shaped neck. If you are not happy with the loose skin folds of your neck, we can remove them and reshape your neck to what you desire of.