Dimple Creation

Price all inclusive
INR 15000
Duration of procedure
30 - 45 minutes
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DIMPLES  are considered a mark of beauty. it is actually a defect in the muscle which very few have and many more wish to have. With this knowledge, it is now possible for our plastic surgeon to create dimples on your cheeks if you were not lucky enough to have since birth

Can I have them?- It is a very minor procedure and take hardly 30 minutes of your time.

Where will they be?– we can make it where you want it, but we always supervise you where you should have them. with his experience, our team can guide you, but the place and shape you want is your choice.

How do I prepare?– use Betadine mouth wash on day of surgery and avoid putting on makeup on the same day. surgery is done under local anesthesia and is pain free and you should go back home in an hours time. Bring someone along to drive you home.

When will my dimple be visible?– It is visible on operating table itself. initially it is permanent, ie ie will be present even when you don’t smile. it take about few weeks in Indian population for the dimple to become dynamic.

Will I have any scar or cut marks? – the whole procedure Is done intra orally ie from inside your mouth so no cuts on your beautiful cheeks..

what care do I need to take in postoperative period?-  all you need to do is take the provided medications for 5 days. for initial 2 days, try doing cold compressions to avoid swelling.

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Dr Ankit has taken training Under Dr Shailesh Vadodaria from London- Harley Street who is world famous for his work on dimples.

Unilateral dimple creation by Dr Ankit Gupta at Panache aesthetics