A perfectly placed, adequately thick and good shaped eyebrow is a desire within every mind. Eyebrows convey your state of being as excited/ tired or happy/sad. With the multi-modality approach of laser, surgery and non-surgical techniques, we at panache will give you the brow you carved for. Be it a permanent shape change, using lasers and micro blading or subtle lift using botulinum proteins; we provide all under one roof. One can alter the position of eyebrow to give a rejuvenated look using a brow lift either surgically or using threads depending on the amount of lift required. If you have a dense eyebrow, we can use lasers to decrease the density of it. For increasing the density we use micro blading micropigmentation techniques and hair transplant.

Non Surgical brow lift – options include thread lift or use of botulinum toxin. These non surgical methods are easy to perform office procedures which hardly take half an hour of your time and almost no down time. Its effects last from 6months to upto 1yr depending on various factors.

Minimal invasive brow lift- As the knowledge of aesthetic procedures increase, the surgeries are now becoming less traumatic nd can be done with limited cuts. depending on the need of ones face and forehead, our plastic surgeon DR Ankit Gupta would choose and recommend you the appropriate type of brow lift for you. there are approximately 4-5 major types of brow lift being done worldwide with advantages and disadvantages of each. We recommend you visit us or take video consultation to get yourself evaluated and then decide what suits you.

Classical Brow lift – our surgeon can help you elevate your eyebrow with classical gold standard brow lift. to know more please contact us to get forehead lift in Delhi or brow lift in Delhi.

Combination– we can combine the brow lift with upper Blepheroplasty. if required one can opt for brow lift through the upper lid surgery as well.

For discussion on what will suit your face, feel free to contact us and we will arrange a video consultation with our team.