Eyelid and eyelashes


Unhappy with baggy, droopy eyelids? We can help you get rid of that extra fat or skin fold via blepharoplasty surgical or non-surgical.

If you have ptosis i.e. drooping of eyelids, you can book an appointment with us to know your options and possibilities to treat it. We specialize in congenital ptosis, i.e. drooping eyelids from birth.

Under eye dark circle are one of the most difficult areas and we understand that it bothers you the most. We here use multimodality treatments to help you reduce that tired look and depending on what problems you have, we customize your treatment. To know what will suit you, have a consultation where our plastic surgeon will explain you in details what will help you the most.

If you have Asian eyelids and you wish to change it, we can help you. Asian eyelids are beautiful, but if it bothers you, give us a call or book a consultation.

Crow’s feet around the eye are a normal phenomenon of aging and simple 5 minutes procedure with botulinum toxin can make you look younger again. We can combine botulinum injections with fillers of fat to make your lines disapper.

If you wish longer eyelashes, we can provide you with a solution for that. Plan a consultation to know what can make them grow much longer to give you those beautiful eyes.

Tear trough deformity comes with age due to volume depletion of the mid face. Many a times you can get them at much younger age. Our plastic surgeon uses multimodality treatment to get rid of them. It can be as simple as a medication to fillers to implants and lower lid blepharoplasty. Book an appointment to know what will help your condition.

Lesions, growth, swelling on lids are mostly harmless but matters when it comes to looks. weather you have yellow coloured xanthelesmas, or just simple skin tags, we will remove it without leaving any scars on your lid.