Forehead covers a major portion of our face. It connects the aesthetically important structure like hairline and eyebrows. Wrinkles appear most commonly and earliest on forehead.  We can help you reduce the wrinkles on the forehead with botulinum protein injections and dermal fillers. Forehead is also one of the most common regions of face to have a scar mainly because of injury during the childhood. We can help you with scar treatments both surgical and non-surgical to decrease the appearance of the scar. Forehead lift/ brow lift is a procedure to elevate the eyebrows, and/or to remove the tired look of the face. It can be combined with blepharoplasty/eyelid surgery to give a rejuvenated look if required. Any swelling of the forehead, be it a lipoma, dermoid or sebaceous cyst, we can help you get rid of it with minimal scars.

In younger age before the deep wrinkles arise on forehead , we can help you prevent them with our meso botulinum protein and skin care regimen. We like to individualise treatment according to your requirements and skin type. Feel free to contact for any further details of to arrange a video consultation/ personal consultation to know better about your condition.

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