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Once you book an appointment we our Plastic surgeon, we will help you get here and arrange for a one to one meeting with our plastic surgeon Dr Ankit Gupta. On this day you can clear all your questions from the surgeon and staff and take a tour of our centre and room in which you would stay. You can discuss your specific treatment plan and then book a date of surgery which can be as early as the same day, but preferable the next day at least.

once the day is decided we take your pictures for reference during surgery, measurements for pressure garments, blood sample for basic investigations and pre anesthesia check up in case you wish to undergo the surgery under general anesthesia.

Today is the big day you get rid of the gyneco you were caring for so long….  You have to come with an accompanying person relative of friend today at the time specified. If your surgery is under GA – 6 hrs of NPO ie fasting will be required. carry an identity proof also.

We admit you today, take signatures on consent papers, prep you for surgery.

Sensitivity for any allergic reactions, a cannula to give medications, marking of the chest, pictures and you are taken up for surgery.

It usually takes about 1hr to 3 hrs depending on the surgery which depends on the grade of Gynaeco you have. Under LA you are awake the whole time and can chat with the surgeon while you are getting operated. In GA you will wake up after the dressings have been completed.

LA- you can go home after 2-4 hrs of observation with someone.

GA- you need to stay for at least 6-8 hrs after surgery and then go home with a relative or friend.

you will have a tight dressing over the operated area. we will give you discharge instructions and medications too be taken for next 5 days. you will be visiting again for dressing change after 24-48 hrs.

Day – 4 Today we remove your dressing and put very small dressing over the surgical site.

you are now made to wear pressure garments. it will take around 1 hr in the process of dressing cleaning and wearing garments after which you are good to go.

8th day- Today we remove your stitches in case it was an excision surgery.

You are given instructions for the next visit and precautions for next three months.

If possible we ask you to visit every monthly. for those who live far off we arrange for video consultation. you can visit as many times as you want post surgery.

At 3 months we expect you to be perfect and today we take your final photographs. results keep improving till 6 months and if possible we recommend you to wear the garment for 6 months. if required and touchup surgery can be done at 6 months.

All Doubts on Gynaecomastia answered

Everything you want to know about gynaecomastia explained.


1.Do I have Gynaecomastia?- 0:45

2. Is it Fat or gland Gynaecomastia?- 1:40

3. Grades of Gynaecomastia? – 3:20

4. Chances of cancer in gynaecomastia- 6:20

5. Should I get it treated- 7:00

6. Will gynaeco come back after treatment? – 8:15

7. Why did I get gynaecomastia ( cause)? – 9:20

8. Treatment options for moobs / gynaeco? – 12:56

9. Best treatment for my gynaecomastia?- 13:50 10. Best time of treatment? – 15:00 11. Recovery after surgery of gynaecomastia?- 16:05

12. Back to life after gynaeco surgery ? – 17:00

13. Smoking and gynaecomastia? – 17:20

14. What if I have skin excess gynaecomastia? – 17:45

15. When will be able to see results of gynaeco surg- 18:45

16.scar after gynaecomastia surg- 19:20 17. Post operative care after gynaecomastia surg- 20:00

18. Surgery explained- 20:15

19. Complication after gynaecomastia surgery- 20:35

20. Local vs General Anesthesia gynaeco surgery – 22:00

21. Cost of surg by Dr Ankit Gupta- 22:20

22. Hi Def gynaecomastia surgery- 22:25

23. Stay after surgery – 22:50

24. Should I bring someone along – 23:15

Contact details – 23:45

Panache by Dr Ankit Gupta. Best Gynecomastia Surgeon in Delhi, Male Breas-t Reduction Surgery Cost in north Delhi. pitampura, rohini

Garment after Gynaecomastia: We also advise special compression garment after Gynecomastia Surgery in Delhi or Male Breast reduction Surgery in Delhi Best breast reduction surgeon in Delhi gynecomastia surgery in delhi india

Treatment options include

  1. Waiting if it occurs in teenagers during puberty or newborns.
  2. Medications to reduce the size of gland and control your hormonal imbalance if present.
  3. Liposuction if only fat is there, or soft gland
  4. Liposuction along with Ultrasonic energy if hard gland present and majority of fat exist
  5. Liposuction plus surgical excision of gland if too much of gland is present

Know more about Gynaecomastia

We specialise in High Definition Liposculpturing of chest / Gynaecomastia creating an aesthetically pleasing athletic look with well defined pectoral borders.-

Gynaecomastia, or Male Breast as it is commonly known, refers to enlargement of the breast tissues in Males. It is a common problem seen by plastic surgeons these days. Gynaecomastia might be due to pure fat deposits (Psedo Gynaecomastia) or because of gland enlargement (True Gynaecomastia) or both. Although rarely talked about, it is a common condition.

Best way to determine the cause of enlargement of chest is by a proper physical examination by a Qualified Plastic surgeon. Dr Ankit Gupta at Panache Aesthetics is a Gold Medallist Plastic Surgeon, felicitated by the Vice President of India. He is highly qualified and experienced and has operated many such cases with great results.

In the majority of cases there is no known cause but rarely it may be because of use of steroids given by gym instructors or due to hormonal imbalance. We will do a thorough physical examination along with necessary investigations to find the root cause of your troubles. If possible we will try and treat it with Medications and if not we offer both Liposuction and Excision as treatment options at panache.

For men who feel self-conscious about their appearance, Gynecomastia surgery (Breast Reduction) can be helpful. The procedure removes tissue from the breasts, and in extreme cases excess skin. Further on this page, you will get a basic understanding of what is involved if you are considering gynaecomastia treatment. It can’t answer all of your questions, as a lot depends on your personal situation.

Gallery (Before / After)

Gynaecomastia Surgery review

These are real reviews left by patients on Google which can be crosschecked by looking on to google - @panacheaesthetics



Hello Everyone, First of all i want to thank Dr. Ankit for making me understand all the nuances of Gynaecomastia and help me in taking the decision which i have been think about for almost 10 years. I had undergone surgery very recently and i am very satisfied by the transformation. The team headed by Dr. Ankit is very professional made me feel very comfortable throughout the procedure.  I would suggest please do not hesitate and visit the clinic once and thank me later guys.


hello team – thanks for the great experience I had. initially I was not sure because of the price which was below the market price, but I somehow trusted Dr Ankit. Looked genuine and was qualified as per my research with my doctor friends and what great results. I would love to recommend everyone who lives with this problem of gyneco to get treated here at such homely environment. trust me you won’t regret a bit. Safe and dependable – thumbs up.

affordable yet great results- Gynaecomastia

Thank you Dr Ankit Gupta for the new life I got because of your great surgery. I underwent Gynaecomastia surgery at his own centre in Pitampura. I had grade 3 so needed both Lipo and excision. His calmness and approachability inspired me to choose him. not money mined at all. wanted the best for me, treated me like his own brother. loved the whole experience. Centre was under renovation at my time but he made sure that my surgery and post op was very smooth. thanks again. recommend him for any cosmetic surgery and also for guidance of other treatments.

Very happy with my results- gynaecomastia

More Information

Well defined pectoral area is the most appealing characteristic of an athletic male body.
Life style, Diet and lack of resistance exercise cause lack of pectoral muscle outline.
Trauma, Birth defects, Fat deposition and Gynecomastia are common causes for which male chest reshaping is performed.

Options available
Pectoral implants
High Definition Liposculpture by redistributing own body fat.

Normal Aesthetic anatomy
Upper half fuller than the lower half of chest
Negative spaces – inter-pectoral rhomboid, sub pectoral triangle, pec lat triangle, sub clav triangle & pec lines.

Our Speciality
Liposuction incisions in hidden areas.
No Drains post-surgery
Aesthetic marking technique- which makes you look normal while your arms are by the side or raised up.
Gland removal- In case you have a gland it is removed using incisions around the areola.
Upper chest fullness by limited lipo or fat grafting, while lower pole reduction using extensive deep liposuction. Depends on body type

Patient Body Type
Thin Patients- superficial lipo with fat grafting to give contours
Athletic patients- deep and superficial lipo alone or with minimal fat grafting
Fat patients- Deep and superficial lipo alone
Gynecomastia- In addition excision of gland via sub areolar incision.

Steps of surgery
Marking- arms raised and by the side to nark the negative areas and areas where we need bulges
Extraction Deep followed by superficial followed by blending of the two.
Fat Grafting to upper chest

Gynaecomastia query form
Fill the following so that we can help you answer your problems asap. This is a secured site and your identity won't be revealed.
The preferred number you want us to call you on

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