Hair Transplant

₹ 39,000 only

This price includes all from Consultation with Board certified Gold Medalist Plastic surgeon, Admission charges, File charges, Anaesthesia, Investigations, Surgery- one day maximum 3000 follicles, Consumables, Medication given during surgery, Stay for Patient till Discharge, Discharge, Post operative care, Post operative dressings and Head wash on 12th day following surgery.

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Today you meet Dr Ankit Gupta in person to clarify all your queries about Hair transplant. Most of us have knowledge via google or friends or unqualified people posing as hair transplant doctors. This is the time when you can ask if you really are a candidate for it, or can medical management of hair fall help you. There are various conditions causing hair-fall and many are reversible. These cases don’t need hair transplant.

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Admission formalities, Re-Checking of all Vital parameters like BP, Pulse, Spo2, investigations, Consent form, Payment of procedure, Sensitivity of Medicines, Photographs, Marking, Head shaving, Head wash, Local Anaesthesia, Extraction of Follicles/ strip, tea break, Implantation round 1, lunch break, implantation round 2, tea break, implantation final round, rest as required, Discharge with follow up advise.


After the transplant, you will be given a bottle with cold sterile solution which you need to spray on your transplanted area every 3-4 hrs. you can use ice packs on face to avoid facial swelling. You need to take medicines as advised and the dressing applied to your donor area can be removed at home after 48hrs of surgery. No rubbing of transplanted area till 12days.

You can take showers without wetting your head for 2 days and then from 3rd to 4th day, take showers as normal except rubbing the donor area. On day 12th of transplant we will see you again and give you a head wash. After this you can wash yours head with shampoo – preferably light – every 3/4th day.


We strongly recommend you to take at-least 3-4 sessions of PRP for good growth and to preserve the hair that you have. This is started from 30th day of surgery and continues every 1-2 monthly for first 6 months

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Hair Transplant is done to cure receding hairline or baldness in men and women. Male pattern hair loss is the most common cause of baldness caused by genetic predisposition.  Male hormone testosterone action on the hair root causes baldness in men. It is a normal process, but, loosing hair earlier in life can make one look aged and result in stress, anxiety and tension. In women, the reasons for hair loss vary from androgenetic alopecia to PCOD or thyroid imbalance.

The treatment or hair loss involves medications and topical therapy along with PRP (Platelet-rich plasma) therapy and mesotherapy to prevent further progress of baldness. However, if a hair follicle is lost, Hair Transplant is the only option available to restore the hairline.

Hair Transplant Techniques

  1. FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) is a hair transplant technique in which a thin strip of skin is removed from the back of the head surgically. The hair follicles are then divided into individuals units. The donor area is then stitched together.  Hair follicles are implanted by creating reception incisions or holes in the treatment area and placing hair follicles with forceps. FUT technique leaves a noticeable scar on the donor area.
  2. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is the most prevalent hair transplant technique in which a hair follicle or group of hair follicles are removed by making a circular cut in the skin around it by using a punch. This leaves small open holes in the scalp that turn into tiny white scars. FUE scars are less visible than FUT scars. Hair follicles are implanted the same way as in the FUT technique.
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Hair Transplant at Panache, Pitampura, Delhi

At Panache, Hair Transplant is done by Dr. Ankit Gupta, who is a qualified and experienced Plastic Surgeon and specialized in both FUT and FUE techniques of hair transplant. He can give you maximum 5000 units i.e. 10,000 – 12,000 hairs (depending on your hair density) in a single sitting without any visible scar by using FUE technique. For more hair transplants, one needs to go for a second sitting of FUE or FUT or FUE + FUT combined.

Other Hair Related Services

We also specialize in body or beard hair transplant. We can transfer hair from under the chin, chest or other body parts, to cover your bald areas.

Keeping up with the recent trends we are reshaping beard using combined approach of hair transplant, micro-pigmentation and laser hair removal. Getting a desired moustache and fuller stubble is a reality.

For other conditions please see our page on hair fall or feel free to call us.

I was told to undergo hair transplant at various places but Dr Gupta diagnosed my condition of alopecia aerate and treated it with 3 sitting of injections.  thank you.

Hair loss

Highly recommended. good nature, simple, honest doctor. right price and very good results.

Hair surgery

Had visited 10’s of hair transplant doctors and clinic for consultation but here by Dr Ankit got the actual facts and reality. He was very clear and knowledgable and explained everything in details. I have a head full of hair now, thanks to him. Over the last year we are more like friends now. Highly recommended. Keep up the good work.

Hair transplant FUE

Hair transplant FUE

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Senior Plastic Surgeon: M.Ch- Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, M.S General Surgery, M.B.B.S

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Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon: MBBS, M.S, DNB, MRCS (UK), M.Ch Plastic Surgery.

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