Hymenoplasty or Hymen Repair

Hymen repair / hymenoplasty / getting virginity back is possible today in 30 minutes harmless procedure. Hymenoplasty in Delhi, or hymen repair in Delhi can be done at Panache aesthetics, where your identity is not revealed and you can go back with in an hour of your arrival with repaired Hymen.

At panache you are treated by qualified Plastic Surgeon who specialises in this. Be assured that you are in safe hands and will defiantly get what you have come for.

We are the best centre for Hymenoplasty in Delhi NCR.

Cost of the procedure at panache is not exorbitant as in many corporate hospitals but you get the care of a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon. Isn’t that what we all want.

Recovery time after Hymenoplasty

Recovery time is a day or two. Post-operatively, we would recommend you to refrain from sex for at least 3-6 weeks for hymen to be repaired completely.

Method used by Dr Ankit is a simple but very effective way, so that no one will ever be able to make out that you have undergone any such procedure. It is scarless and is done under local anaesthesia, i.e., you will be awake the whole time. It takes 30 minutes max for the procedure and is completely painless.

For any query you can contact Dr Ankit directly at 8448847776 or talk to Dr Rajni 8800338295 to book appointment or discuss more about the whole procedure.

You can whats app your query and we will try to answer asap.

Dr Ankit Gupta - Panache aesthetics - Plastic Surgeon

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Time taken for procedure
30 min
Recovery time
1-2 days
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