Lip enhancements, with or without surgeries. We can build up your lips with either dermal fillers or more permanent fat grats. We specialize in various surgeries if required to change the shape of your lips. We can help in decreasing or increasing the lip size. Any previous scar that bothers you can be dealt with.

We have the facility for lip colouring and or lip lightening. Want an uplifted lip angles, we can use our skills to do that for you.

Aging creates lines around the lips. We can help you get rid of them using various techniques. (lasers, peels, fillers, mesobotox or fat graftings)

If interested in lip piercing, look into the section of body piercings.  For hair reduction look into hair removal using lasers. For moustache creation look in hair section or for any queries don’t hesitate to call us or visit us.

Congenital Disease like cleft of lip or previous scars of trauma or surgery is also treated at our centre.