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Maxillofacial – Consists of Maxilla (Jaw) & Face. Hence Maxillofacial surgery pertains to any surgery addressing any of the jaws or any part of the face. It is commonly known as faciomaxillary or facial plastic surgery.

maxillofacial surgery
Chin surgery, Jaw surgery

Various parts of the face like the lower jaw, chin, angles of jaw, upper jaw, cheek bones, eye sockets, nose and forehead bone can be modified and rearranged surgically to a more desired position via Maxillofacial surgery.

It need proper evaluation and planning and perfect execution of that plan to give a gratifying and beautiful yet functional result.

One can never change your identification with this but certainly one can be made a more likeable/ attractive version of oneself with changing the shape and size of bones that make up your face.


Genioplasty/ Chin reduction and augmentationChin surgery or Genioplasty is a procedure which can change the shape of your chin. It can help you to reduce the height, decrease the width or increase the lenght or projection of your chin.

It is a day care surgery, where in you can be discharged by evening with a small dressing and can join back work from the next day.

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Our team compromises of a Plastic surgeon, Facio maxillary Surgeon, a Physician and a qualified Anesthetist. We at Panache will assess your deformity and will guide you with whats best for your face and together we can give you what you wish for.

Chin implants

If one has a retruded or small chin and likes a more prominent chin, it is possible to achieve through both fillers- liquid implant or silicon implants.

Silicone chin implants are very safe, can be done as a lunch time procedure under local anesthesia without making you unconscious. Through a very small cut from inside the mouth to make the scar invisible, the implant is inserted and fixed in the desired position.

Chin implants give instantaneous results and thus a happy satisfied patient.
Main patients who will benefit from chin augmentation are those who have small chin for the face, retracted chin or retruded chin, males who wish to have a more muscular look, chin deformities following accidents or previous surgery.


Jaw along with our dentition ie teeth are not only important for chewing, but make a major part of our face. With the advanced surgical techniques, it is now possible to alter the position of either or both the jaws into a more desirable position which can improve the dental occlusion as well as the overall beauty of the face.

Plastic Maxillofacial and orthodontic doctors work together in this procedure to achieve a more desirable shape of the lower face by moving the lower or upper jaw.
Candidates of the procedure are patients with very small jaw, deviated jaw, depressed floor of nose, malocclusion of teeth, accidental injuries of the face and many more.

Together as a team work it is possible to more jaw and yet keep your teeth is proper position so that there is better occlusion and one can chew better.

this surgery benefits by giving a harmonious face, better smile and good positioning of the teeth.

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