Nose is the centre of our face and thus the most important area when we think about aesthetics. Shapes and sizes of nose vary from one individual to other. The desired shape also varies significantly. Many a times one can have functional problem along with the defective shape.

Our plastic surgeon Dr Ankit Gupta is trained in correcting the shape and size of your nose as per your desire keeping in mind the functional importance of it. You can book a consultation to discuss various options  available from simple filler injections to fat grafting to correct the dorsum of nose to simple alar reduction to reduce the width of nose to closed rhinoplasty to open rhinoplasty.

The foremost importance for us is the function followed by the correction of the shape as per your desire. You can get your crooked nose, broad nose, flared nose, depressed nose, or other deformities corrected from our specialist.

If you need a nasal piercing or closure of piercing on nose, we can do that for you.

Both surgical and non-surgical nose job is one of our many specialities.

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