Private parts

For females

Hymen repair- Hymenoplasty- contact our plastic surgeon or team at Panache aesthetics for query regarding repair of torn hymen. At Panache we make sure that your identity is not revealed.

O shots– PRP injections can be put in the clitoris or the G spots to increase the sensitivity of the area and to rejuvenate the vagina to a younger self.

labia reduction surgery-to make oneself look young.

Vaginal tightening-it is possible to tighten the loose vagina through either laser or surgically. We can examine you an offer you what suits best for you and then you can choose which modulates you would like to go for.


For Males

Circumcision- in case you have problem retracting your skin of the penis, we can resolve the issue with either dillatation and release or a formal circumcision. We also cater to the needs of tight frenulum and release it surgically. You can contact us for issues of pain or deviation of penis during intercourse or for any other problems related to your genitals.

Orchidectomy– For treatment of prostate cancer removal of testis is recommended. We can do it for you and can replace it with a synthetic testis so that nobody can make out what has been done. We also do subcapsular orchidectomy for the same condition.

Penile lengthening– various plastic surgical procedures like fat grafting or release of the suspensory ligament we can lengthen the size of your penis to a considerable extent. In case you are interested in increasing the girth, we can do that too. Reconstruction of an amputed penis or female to male is now reality at Panache aesthetics. To know more kindly contact 844 884 7776.